Standing desk
Standing vs sitting lowers risk of heart disease. Choosing to stand rather than sit lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, and keeps weight off—all of which decreases your risk for heart disease.
Laptop Stand
Stiff neck. Achy joints. Overall discomfort. Bad mood. Bad things can happen to your body and mind with improper use of laptop or notebook computers. Fortunately there is the Desk Stand with built-in cooling pad—a perfectly engineered solution to help you find the right balance between your work habits and health needs.
Book stand
Make reading delightful and stress free again!
Forgot those bulky, heavy-set books stands of flimsy design & adopt this new versatile Book Stand Pro. Carry it anywhere and bring on the comfort where-ever you go. Hand-free reading has never been so much fun before."
Laptop Tables
Reclaim your freedom with a tilt and lift table
Well-balanced and wobble-free, this height and tilt Adjustable Table from Defianz features everything you need to maintain a healthy posture and robust work environment. A polished top supported by just a single pillar offers ample leg room while you work. In addition to the comfortingly smooth polyurethane edges and solid castors for roll-along convenience, the Adjustable Table boasts an artisan-quality workmanship."